Basic Conversion Kit

The items listed are the necessary components to make up the most basic conversion kit that will start you on the CNC journey.
The castings will require painting.**

Basic CNC kit


CNC Conversion Kit for the  Myford Super 7 Lathe (Excluding power cross feed models)

1. All the castings (except optional speed sensor housing), covers and fittings

2. X Axis Stepper Motor with lead and wiring box

3. Z Axis Stepper Motor with lead and wiring box

4. Motor connection wiring diagram

5. X Axis Ball Screw and anti-backlash nut including displacement converter

6. X Axis plastic hand-wheel

7. Z Axis Ball Screw and anti-backlash Nut

8. Angular contact bearings for both lead-screws

9. X Axis bearing mounting plate

10.Jig for drilling two small holes in the back end of the cross-slide

11. Jig for drilling two small holes in the back end of the Saddle

12.  Cross-slide Tee nut

13. All screws, nuts and washers

14.X Axis Timing belt and pulleys

15.Z Axis Timing belt and pulleys

16.Z Axis belt guide assembly

17.Z Axis  ball-screw protective covers

18.Cross-slide end plate/cover and drilling jig

19.Mach 3 Turn and Linux EMC configuration files

20. Parallel port RS232 serial lead (not normal printer cable)

The kit does not include:

  • Lathe (advice can be given regarding suppliers)

  • Computer system (only a basic computer with parallel printer port required)

  • X Axis and Z Axis Stepper Motor Controllers (see links category for suggestions)

  • Keyboard / Monitor Console (as maybe seen in youtube video)

  • CAD/CAM Software (like Mach 3 or CamBam. See links page for links to websites)

  • Variable Speed controller (Inverter) and 3 Phase Spindle Motor (Only needed if you wish to control the spindle speed automatically).

  • Emergency Stop Switch

  • Lathe bed raising blocks (these are needed to allow clearance between the Z axis belt housing casting and the drip tray.

  • Painting of the castings. **

  • Spindle Speed Sensors ( only needed for screw-cutting and digital display of spindle speed).

  • Z Axis Plastic hand-wheel (Use your original Myford one)

  • Spindle sensor Housing

  • Cast iron tool-post mount (original top slide can be used but not rotated)

  • Homing switches

  • PWM Filter printed circuit board for inverter speed control (further information on PWM to be added later)

**Ask about painting

Price £2496.67 ex vat